There is no doubt that I have begun falling into my old ways of thinking and as such, I need to refocus and go ALL-IN again!

The realisation that you are not growing and in-fact regressing is not good on the mind at all. In fact, it’s absolutely depressing and if not addressed, would be catastrophic to my life and those around me.

My bad habits are returning quickly and my finances, physical health, mental health, family and friends will all be affected if I don’t address it sharply and therefore the concentration of progress (rather than regression) needs to be implemented. More importantly, it needs to be taken seriously.

Very fucking seriously.

It will be about building up habits of routine again that create autonomy in my development. What is important here is to appreciate that this won’t be (as most things) an overnight ‘success’ but more so a daily attempt at growing on where I’m at and improving it daily.

If you want to join in then feel free to join the Facebook group to share your progress:

So here are the main areas that I’m going to concentrate on in this ALL-IN challenge

Health & Wellbeing

As you can see, I have really let myself go. In order to get myself to a place I am happy with then, I’m going to need to consciously put the effort in here. The importance here is to ensure that I’m exercising and being consistent with eating healthily. So with this, I’ll be committing to the following:

  • Intake: Predominantly I’ll be doing a keto-based diet and removing the bulk of my carbohydrates, almost eliminating all refined sugars and absolutely no processed food
  • Red-lining: I’ll be committing to getting my heart in the red at least twice a week. This will be done through sprint-training, swimming or biking
  • Key training: Again, committing to twice a week on top of the red-line training and can be anything from the gym, swimming, running.
  • Alcohol & Smoking: These are two of the vices that I keep giving into and I need to remove them as much as possible
  • Hydration: I need to make sure that I’m drinking enough so that I’m urinating regularly and that it’s not the colour of a stain-glass window
  • Fasting: Most days I will be fasting predominantly 18-6. I will also be undertaking a 3-5 day fast each month
  • Supplements: I’ve developed my own collection of supplements that work with the brain and the body which I will be taking daily

Mindset, Brain Cognition & Development

My overall mental health is very poor at the minute and needs a lot of work. I totally understand that it’s my actions and discipline that will be the key factors in changing this. It’s important to also note that there will be many discerning factors that contribute to mental health and as such, will take a lot of focus and commitment to ascertaining a good route for growth.

The areas I’ll be concentrating on are as follows:

  • Journalling (when I wake and before I sleep): The statistics behind journalling and overall mental state is phenomenal and I am going to commit to doing this from the moment I wake and before I go to sleep. I will also be noting my body composition stats.
  • Deep learning & writing: I am going to commit to deep learning 3 times per week whereby I will cover a subject without distractions, take notes and then write about my findings
  • Meditation: I have tried to commit to this many times and each time I do it for a few days and then stop. The important factor of meditation is that it is a long-term benefit rather than an immediate one and as such, needs to be looked at in that way
  • Brain supplements & microdosing: In the effort of transparency here I’m being honest about microdosing. It is something I have considered a lot over the last couple of years (and tried once) and is something I will be pursuing. I have also created my own nootropic supplements which I will be taking daily.
  • Talk openly with people and be honest to myself: Facing the truth is nearly always not a welcoming gesture. We become set on who we are when in reality we are nearly always lying to ourselves of our true nature and what we need to improve on.
  • Talk & Debate to find a common outcome, rather than to ‘win’: This is definitely something I have had to come to terms with and I understand that in the past, I have argued in order to prove my point or to ‘be right’ rather than work towards a common goal.
  • Get Out Of The House Daily (not including work): A pretty simple yet very effective one here. I’ll be using my step-goal in order to achieve this (Samsung Fit & Google Fit)
  • Do something Out Of The Ordinary: It’s important to break the cycle and face the unknown each week. This might be a new sport, a club or meeting, a networking event or something that allows me to face a personal fear.
  • Enough sleep: This is going to need a lot of attention and will be tricky maintaining some kind of circadian rhythm as I’ve taken on a role where I’ll be. working nights. That aside, I will need to make sure that I’m getting enough sleep each day and will need to ensure that each week I make sure I catch up on any ‘missed’ time
  • Procrastination: I touch on this below in relation to social media however I do far more than that. Constantly checking emails when I’m trying to do something productive is another area. When working on something, I need to ensure that I’m giving it my full attention which is one of the reasons I mention deep learning – however it is so much more than that. I am a big procrastinator and therefore my planning is something that needs to be looked at and when undertaking those tasks that I’ve set myself, do so in chunks without any distractions. A good technique that will be used here is Pomodoro

Money & Finances

I’ll be recording my finances each day in order to analyse where my spending is being done and how I can improve it. Recording everything will allow me to truly accept that I’m shit with money as I will see exactly where my money is going. Knowing and accepting is the bulk of the battle.

I will also be putting all my spending (bills included) through separate credit cards and paying them off each month in order to improve my credit score. I have one for my general spending, bills and food.

Business & Career

This is where I will need to improve on my planning as this is a key area in which I fail on a regular basis. I sometimes wonder what the hell I am doing from one day to the next and it’s causing a detrimental effect on my health, business and mind. So the first port of call will be getting my weekly planning skills to a point that I am disciplined in and comfortable with.

I have also taken on a contract in which will mean me working nights. I’ll be doing this throughout this 6-month period. Alongside this, I will be working on my coaching and developing some software that I’ve been designing that is aimed at personal development. So it will be important that I fully grasp the concept of planning each week in order to ensure that I am doing enough on my projects while not getting entirely overwhelmed by it all.

Friendships & Relationships

The harsh truth here is that I have definitely been cutting myself off from the outside world and completely disregarding those close to me. It’s time to change that and start focussing on others as well as myself. This even includes the mother of my daughter whom, despite our differences, it’s imperative that we get along for the sake of my daughter. So there will be a lot of focus weekly on improving the relationships of those close to me.

It’s also important to grow new connections in my personal and professional lives. This will be doing by doing what I mentioned previously when in the mindset section of this post:

It’s important to break the cycle and face the unknown each week. This might be a new sport, a club or meeting, a networking event or something that allows me to face a personal fear.

Mindset, Brain Cognition & Development: Do something Out Of The Ordinary

Subcategories & General Habits

  • Addictions: The big one here is social media. The more miserable I am, the more I mindlessly scroll through social media which perpetuates the bad mental health overall. So unless I have a purpose, I will be removing it completely apart from one or two sessions per week in my own groups.
  • Personality Traits: I undertook Jordan Peterson’s personality traits (click here to see my results) and the results were disconcerting to say the least. It opened up a lot about who I am from a psychological perspective and over the coming months, I’ll be working to improve some of these areas
  • Tidiness & order: Pretty simple really but make sure my environment is tidy and is somewhere that I’m comfortable being.

Building Momentum

It’s going to take some time in order to build routine here and as such, I’ll need to ensure that certain aspects are adhered to regardless of what excuses I can come up with. The level of discipline will be built upon each day and week so it’s important here to work out which initial elements I’ll undertake without compromise.

Stage 1

  • Journalling
  • Diet
  • Core training (red-line training and gym/running/swimming) 4 times per week
  • Rest/Sleep
  • Deep Learning


The main factor in this is for me not to give up after a few days. Although I’m going all-in, I will be doing so by creating a routine which will take some time to develop.

If I sense I’m slipping, get back into it rather than give up entirely. I need to understand that there will be times when my discipline slips and when it does, get back into it. Working on the core stages initially will stop me from getting overwhelmed and create a basis of stability which will create something that I can build on.

Going all-in doesn’t mean becoming an overnight success. It means taking action DAILY and working towards somewhere that you are happy within yourself.

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