How we look at income is wrong… totally wrong!

If I asked you how much you made, no doubt you would give me the yearly figure outlined in your contract with your employee. If you run your own business, you would explain how much your business made last financial year.

But the truth is that this is a terrible and totally dishonest way of looking at it and you are simply fooling yourself. Let me explain.

Let’s create a fixational character here for a moment and use them as an example. We’ll call them George.

How much do you really earn?

Let’s say George’s job is salaried @ £30k per year.

After tax & deductions, his monthly income is £1,994.65

Now I’m going to show you what George TRULY makes and you’ll see why the model which everyone uses is pretty much bullshit! In order to show this, let’s break a few things down and we’ll do this in sections.


It takes George 1.5 hours to get to work which he uses his car to get there

When at work, he is there 9-5 pm

Remember, the exercise here is to analyse TRUE income here

Let’s break it down further still…


His rent is £650 per month

On food, he spends £200 per month

Bills are £200 per month

Insurance for his car and house is £150

Food bill £200

Fuel £250

Overall, that leaves £344 per month.

Now considering per week, with travel to and from the office, that’s 11 hours per day committed to your job, 5 days per week, 4.33 weeks per month, gives him an hourly rate 344 (income) / 238 (hours worked).

In this example, his rate breaks down to just £1.44 per hour

Despite ‘making’ £30k per year

Which means he has just £344 per month to ‘live’ the life he wants

Isn’t much when you break it down, is it?!

This is what really frustrates me off. I (and everyone for that matter) are simply not taught how to truly analyse our income and time spent.

There are many things that can alleviate this – the travel being the first one.

Accepting less for something closer might actually work out as you having more income

Time is our most valuable commodity and when you break it down properly, you start to see how it really looks.

Now, I’m not writing this to piss on anyone’s chips or to make anyone feel bad or frustrated. My role here is to simply open your eyes a little into how you spend and value you put on your time.

The next role you go into, make sure to factor everything in!

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